We print your PDF sewing patterns onto special sewing pattern paper and deliver them to your door economically and with minimum waste.

Our paper is lightweight, strong and translucent, making it easier to align with the features of your fabric.  The paper is 42 inches wide and can be cut as long as long as you need.

Colour or black and white patterns are printed at the same price, £2.50 per A0 page in an A0 pattern,  or £0.35 per A4 page, when we join the A4 pages up into the final design and print them for you. 

UK postage is £2 and Europe is £5.  Shipping to US and everywhere else £8.  Adding tracking can double shipping cost.

Not bought your pattern yet? Our partner SIZE:Me has a range of stylish, easy-to-wear designs, including the new Vienne blouse.  There's even a friendly tutorial on YouTube.

Why Choose Us?

We specialise in pattern printing and aim to offer a very personal service.  Text, email or ring us directly.

We use ultralight 1067mm/42" wide 22 grams per square metre pattern paper.  It's tougher than old style tissue paper and has a high degree of transparency.

Your patterns may be rearranged to fit our wider paper to reduce waste and cost to you.  We print from the roll, so length is virtually unlimited, not fixed to arbitrary sheet sizes.

Patterns are folded to fit C5 (162 x 229mm) envelopes making them both lighter and less bulky.  Better for delivery and better for storage.

Personally and in our business lives, we aim to live and work as sustainably as we possibly can.  We will minimise waste and maintain our printers well.  

About Us

Sandra, Mike and Dave Colman

PatternToPaper's Directors

PatternToPaper is Patternsy's little brother - literally!  

Dave is Su's little brother. Dave spent more than 35 years solving computer problems in IT support before becoming a founder of PatternsToPaper.

Sandra is the fabric fan - from blinds, curtains and soft furnishings to tiny pieces made from the leftover..  She's now developing her dressmaking skills and always looking for advice. 

Mike?  He does all the hard work!

We are a family business, with two generations of us working together in the beautiful Wye valley in Herefordshire, UK.